Montrose Football Netball Club encourages you to interact with us on social media. We currently have an active presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter platforms where you will find the latest updates on the Club, issues, news, blogs, our upcoming events, and more. Social media is not only a great way to stay up to date with developments in the club, you can also easily connect with your peers, players and their families.

This Policy is about the tools that the Montrose Football Netball Club will use in as part of its communications. This Policy is not about the tools that individuals use in their day‐to‐day communication; however, the Club’s Code of Conduct will be enacted as a result of any individual issue or behaviour arising that is considered to place the Club into disrepute.


The term 'Media' is generally defined as an instrument of communication - for example newspaper, radio, television or film is commonly known as 'Industrial Media'. This form of communication is generally a one‐way street where you can read a newspaper or listen to a report on television, but you have very limited ability to give your thoughts on the matter.

In contrast, 'Social Media' is a social instrument of communication - it is a two‐way street that gives you the ability to communicate too. In Web terms, this would be a website that doesn’t just give you information, but interacts with you while giving you that information. This interaction can be as simple as asking for your comments or letting you vote on an article.  Any website that invites you to interact with the site (to share information and resources; and can include text, audio, video, images, podcasts, and other multimedia communications), and could include the interaction with other visitors, falls into the definition of Social Media.

Social Media may include (although is not limited to):

  • social networking sites (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Myspace, LinkedIn)
  • Social video and photo sharing websites (e.g.YouTube)
  • blogs, including corporate blogs and personal blogs
  • blogs hosted by media outlets (e.g. 'comments' or 'your say' feature in major newspapers)
  • micro‐blogging (e.g. Twitter)
  • wikis and online collaborations (e.g. Wikipedia)
  • forums, discussion boards and groups (e.g. Google groups)
  • podcasting
  • online multiplayer gaming platforms
  • instant messaging (including SMS)


The Montrose Football Netball Club supports the following guidelines when using social media:


  • Use common sense
  • Always respect the EFL,  its clubs, competitors, players, fans and sponsors
  • Update your Team Facebook status regularly
  • Share photos
  • Promote positive stories about you and your club with links
  • Interact with your followers and friends
  • Follow each other and chat with each other
  • Talk about life outside footy
  • Have fun


  • Never act like everything you upload is private
  • Don’t forget the EFL and its clubs follow you
  • Don’t abuse the EFL, its clubs, fans, competitors and sponsors
  • Never post photos that are inappropriate (i.e. over‐drinking, nudity, etc.)
  • Ignore haters – don’t respond to them.

Breaches of Use: The Montrose Football Netball Club hereby announces that it has a 'Zero Tolerance' on any breaches; there is to be no bringing the Club into disrepute, no racial and/or religious vilification; no derogatory remarks towards our Club, other Clubs, the EFL, and/or individuals including. Inappropriate use of electronic communication includes, but is not limited to making or posting inappropriate comments against players, clubs (ours and others), club officials, match officials, league itself or its delegates which is hurtful, discriminatory or offensive in nature.

Any person who believes that they have been the victims of inappropriate electronic communication should report the matter to any member of the Board of Management (either in writing or verbally) along with any evidence that may assist the Club in investigating the concern. The Club will undertake to investigate the concern at its discretion. Matters which are deemed by the Board of Management to be more serious in nature may be reported to external authorities (i.e. the Police). Should this need to occur, it will be done so by the Club Junior President, Senior President or Chairman.

Non‐compliance with the general outline above will result in disciplinary action for any violations ‐ as outlined in the Club’s Constitution and Club’s Code of Conduct. A rule of thumb is: "If you don’t have something positive to say, then do not say anything at all."

As a player and/or member of the Montrose Football Netball Club, it is everyone’s responsibility to implement this Policy.

Respectful Conversations and Information

The Montrose Football Netball Club also recognises that as providers of information we have a duty of care to convey information to all players and members in a respectful and courteous manner ‐both verbally and in written form. The Montrose Football Netball Club Board of Management and General Committees understand and accept its responsibility to this effect; and to abide by the Club’s Code of Conduct. Equally, it is imperative that all players and parents/guardians and friends also abide by the Club’s Code of Conduct.

This Policy aims to provide a basis for the responsible use of Social Media (including applications such as the Club’s Facebook and TeamApp); recognise and identify the shortcomings of the use of Social Media; and to develop strategies and guidelines to mitigate against issues arising.

Facebook Use

Facebook will be used as an authorised two‐way communication strategy from the Club Board of Management and General Committees to all players and members.  All pages that represent the Club will be held in the name of the Club.   Individual team & committee pages / groups will be set up by the Board of Management who will hold Administrative rights in the Clubs name.  Team Managers & Coaches of their respective team will be granted Editor status to the page, which has all the rights of an admin except assigning page roles.  Editors will, by Facebook definition, be able to post to the page, respond to messages, create ads & view Facebook insights to their page.

The use of Facebook will aim to:

  • Use Social Media to provide immediate information to players and members;
  • A quick, inexpensive and very effective way to communicate with players and members;
  • Drive players and members to use the website even more than it is currently used;
  • Further promote our sponsors;
  • Further promote our Club to increase our member base (and thus increase exposure to our sponsors);
  • Market club merchandise;
  • Promote come‐and‐try days; and
  • Post photos and calendar events.

The team pages will be renamed annually to maintain consistency for families, and of the brand of the club by the Administrators.  However, as teams change, this may require families to join new pages, and will be notified by administrators and / or Editors accordingly as early as possible to ensure information between the club, its officials & players is transparent.

Policy Review

This Policy will be reviewed annually to ensure it remains relevant, practical and that it reflects community expectations and legal requirements. The Policy will be reviewed in the first instance by October 2020; and thereafter annually.