What are the costs and where do you register?

All payments are made on line. Please visit the AFL Auskick page  and pay via credit/debit card. All kids will receive an AFL pack once online payment and registration is complete. (subject to change)

Can I pay cash on my first day at Auskick?

All payments for Auskick are made online. You can visit play.afl/auskick and pay via credit / debit card.

What will my child receive as part of their registration?

All children will receive an AFL pack as part of their registration.  Packs will only be sent once online payment and registration is complete.  This is facilitated by the AFL, and not Montrose Auskick. It will generally be sent 10 working days after payment has been processed. You will also become a member of the Montrose Football Club, with access to all Montrose Football Club home games.

What if I haven’t received my child’s AFL pack within 10 days?

Please send through your child’s full name, date of birth and Auskick centre to auskick@aflvic.com.au and they will follow it up and get back to you.

When does Montrose Auskick start?

Season will start early April. A confirmed schedule is available on the Montrose Auskick Facebook Page.

How long does the season go for?

Montrose Auskick plays over 15 weeks, including Presentation Day ending late August.

What can I expect at Montrose Auskick?

A typical session runs from 9.00am – 10.30am Saturday mornings.  It is made up of an introduction, warm up games/activities, skills training including kicking, marking, handballing, bouncing, a Grid Game and concluded with Encouragement awards from our sponsors. 

Where is Montrose Auskick held?

Kids play/train on the Junior Montrose Recreation Oval (behind the club rooms).

What age can kids play at Montrose Auskick?

The Auskick program is for primary school aged children 5-12. Children, who are 4 years old, turning 5 in the football season, are eligible to participate on the condition that a parent/guardian accompanies and assists the child at each Auskick session. Your child must be 5 before 31st December to register.

Can girls play?

Absolutely! We are proud to have an established development program for girls only, and work closely with the Montrose Football Club to ensure a smooth transition to Junior Football, should they wish to join.  Girls play Auskick for the exact same reasons boys do. To have fun, to play with their friends, get out and be active.  Of course, participation in the Girls group is optional.  If your daughter would prefer to stick with the regular mixed age group, she can do that too. 

What do kids wear to Auskick?

There is no set uniform. Comfortable clothes & either runners or football boots are fine.  Many kids like to wear their favourite team colours & jumpers.  Our clinic offers footy boot trading, which is available early in the season.  Please contact the coordinator for more details if you have boots to donate, or wish to trade or buy some.

Does my child require a mouthguard?

Mouthguards have a definite role in preventing injuries to the teeth and face and for this reason they are strongly recommended at all levels of football. Montrose Auskick clinic has taken the position that any child who plays in a formal half time game or carnival must wear a mouth guard. In junior football, mouth guards are compulsory for training and games. Our Blue Demons (older kids) will be encouraged to start to train at Auskick with a mouth guard in preparation for Junior Football the following year. It can be hard, as often the mouth guard will spend more time in your child’s hand than in their mouth, but we do encourage you to get your child used to mouth guards in a training environment so when they start playing matches they are used to that piece of equipment and if need be it is in the right place at the right time… your child’s mouth!

Should my child wear a helmet?

Helmets are not as straight forward as mouth guards. Montrose Auskick and Montrose Junior Football Club do not mandate the use of helmets when training or playing. There are lots of medical opinions and coaching opinions on the use of helmets, and the impact that they can have, on a player both negative and positive. We encourage each parent to do their own research and make a decision that is right for you and your child.

Why do we teach tackling at Auskick, yet kids are not allowed to tackle in grid games?

This is a really good question.  We teach tackling at Auskick for a number of reasons. One, it is fun and the kids love to run in and tackle our “tacklebuddy” who comes back each week no matter how hard he is tackled. Secondly just like kicking, hand passing and marking tackling is a skill, while the kids may not yet tackle in a game it is still important to teach the basic technique as early as possible so that this fundamental skills can be carried through Auskick and into Juniors. This leaves your child a strong position when tackling is allowed, in under 10’s. This is a position that both Montrose Auskick & Montrose Football Club strongly support in the EFNL ruling. Thirdly, at such a young age, while there may be some kids that are ready to tackle, there are many that are not. Auskick is about participation and learning skills in a safe and fun environment. If young kids were to be getting dumped in big tackles this is something that could reduce participation and enjoyment of our great game. 

Who delivers the Auskick session?

Matt Clements & Katherine Clements are the Montrose Auskick Clinic Coordinators and they will facilitate each clinic. Each age group will have a main Coach and helper Coaches.  All parents are encouraged to get involved in the sessions – no experience is necessary! We try to maintain a ratio of 5 kids per Coach/Helper as that allows for a higher level of attention to each player and guidance with skill development.

How can I get involved as a parent?

Our clinics cannot run without the support of parents, and we expect all parents to help out at each session.  Children also learn faster, perform better, have loads more fun and have greater self esteem when parents are involved and support the Coaches. Check out our link FOR THE PARENTS, to see where you can help, or talk to one of our Committee members or coaches on the day.  Coaching positions, BBQ helpers, Committee helpers and general on-ground support is required by parents each and every week. 

Am I required to stay for the the session?

All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent / guardian at all times. Parents will be responsible for taking your child to the bathroom during the session, if required.

Can I register mid-way through the season?

Yes, you can still register and attend the next available session.

Can I receive a refund?

We understand that at times, circumstances change for families and your child can no longer participate in the Auskick program.  Please contact the AFL State Office auskick@aflvic.com.au and they will inform you of the refund policy and process.  The pack received upon registration, will also need to be send back to AFL, in order for them to process the refund.

Will my child get to play at the MCG or Etihad?

AFL Victoria allocates a certain number of games to regions based on the percentage of Auskickers the region has in the state.  To be eligible, kids must be in grade 2 or higher to participate. Your Clinic Coordinator will let you know if Montrose Auskick is successful during the season.

Is Montrose Auskick affiliated with Montrose Football Club?

Yes, we are ONE CLUB, and strongly interlinked with the Junior, Senior, FIDA and Netball club.  Club players from all ages join Auskick in training, have Q&A sessions and regularly play grid games with us at Auskick.  There are also opportunities to play during half time at Senior Games & get involved in club activities.

Any other questions? AFL Auskick has heaps of information on their website. Or, if there is something you wish to ask us, send us an email. Follow us on our Montrose Auskick Facebook Page, and hit LIKE, to keep up to date for information on the new season.

Montrose Auskick Team