Welcome to EFNL Netball players Season 2024

(Females aged 15 and older for EFNL Netball Competition)

Contact Name: Mish Inglese
Email Address: Montrose Netball Contact
Registrations: Nicole Windley Montrose Netball Registrations Contact

All player registrations are completed online. If you have any questions before starting to register or during the registration process, feel free to contact Mish Inglese.

Please ensure that you follow the steps in order as listed below.
Only use the links in Part#1 and #2 below and not the links provided on the EFNL web page as there is a slight difference in the registration & payment process.

Note: This registration process is to play with the Montrose Football Netball Club on a Friday night in the EFNL Netball Competition.
If you or your daughter are wanting to play on a Saturday at Pinks Reserve, Kilsyth then you need to contact the Montrose Netball Club via https://www.montrosenetballclub.com/

Register for Netball at Montrose FNC

Part#1 is with Montrose MyGameDay link and Part#2 is with Netball Victoria and, both are required.

New and Returning Montrose Netball players only

(last season or your most recent club)

Part#1 Register with Montrose Football Netball Club:

  1. For returning players - you will need the email address that you have previously registered with. If you don’t know the email address associated with your most recent EFNL Netball registration, please contact Montrose Netball Registrations Contact before trying to register.
    Forgotten password? Type in your email address and click on "Forgot Password" link
  2. Register & Pay to play Netball at Montrose for the season via MyGameDay.

Part#2 Registration with Netball Victoria "Netball Connect":

  1. Renew, update or register with Netball Victoria via this link

Payment of Club fees

May be paid in full or in 3 part payments
Club fees MUST be paid in full prior to the 1st game or the 31st of March, whichever occurs first.
If you choose to pay later, log back in via the link in Step 1. ("Click here to register and pay") and tick the relevant payment option.

Transfers to Montrose FNC

From another club? Excellent choice, please contact the Montrose Netball Registrations Team