Jumper Presentations (Beginning of Season)

A jumper presentation ceremony is held at the beginning of each year to celebrate the start of the season and recognise all of those who will take the field for the club.

Awards Nights

Award nights are usually held every second Sunday with the view to recognizing the performances of individuals in each team in the previous two matches. Each team is rostered to host one night during the season.

Best & Fairest

Only Competitive teams have Best & Fairest Awards. Each week three people, vote. The Coach, and on alternate weeks, the assistant Coach or Runner and each week a different parent of the team are given the responsibility of awarding votes for each game on a 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 basis. These votes are then sealed and tallied at seasons end.

Number of Games Played

A club game is recognised by a signature appearing on the team sheet on game day. One signed team sheet is given to the Umpire at half time during the match and a second signed sheet is returned to the Club by the Team Manager for record keeping. If players do not sign next to their names, then no game count is made. Should a player be playing up in another team, the player’s name and signature must appear on that team’s sheet otherwise that game will not be counted.

Lightning Premierships – only one game count for participants on the day is recorded.

Practice Matches – no games are counted

50 and 100 Game Recognition

With only 14 games per season and taking into account, sickness, injury or byes, it takes around 4 years for players to make 50 games and 7-8 years to achieve 100 games. Both of these milestone’s are recognised by the Club – with 100 game players receiving a medallion from the EFNL and a Club Certificate and 50 game players receiving a medallion and certificate from the Club. A club banner exists for those parents who wish to utilise it for their child on these milestone games. However, for logistical reasons, it can only be used at home games. Bookings can be made for the banner with Team Managers but be mindful that it can be used up to three times per day so be prepared to make banners at the clubrooms before your child’s game. Only one banner per team on the day please.

A list of player’s games played at the beginning of the season is available from the Team Manager

Presentation Day (End of Season)

We celebrate your child’s successes with an end of year presentation. Details will follow closer to the end of the season, via your Team Manager.


Under 9 and 10’s players each receive a trophy for participating. Under 11’s to 17’s are given five trophies per team being for Best & Fairest, Runner Up Best and Fairest and three Coaches awards. If a team makes the finals, they also have an award for the Best Finals Player.

Each year we try to gain enough sponsorship to cover the total cost of the trophies which in the past has been supplied by generous parents.

EFNL Best Conducted Club Award

At the end of each season, the EFNL Junior Committee presents the Gordon Parker Junior Encouragement Award for the Best Conducted Junior Club. The award will consider several criteria relevant to the way each club conduct themselves both on and off the field. A club’s ability to fulfil their duties to the league as well as dealings with staff, officials and opposition clubs will be considered along with the umpire rating for on-field behaviour. Points are allocated by the umpire at the end of each game and entered on the Umpire’s Match Report based on the following categories:

  • Attitude of Spectators/Officials Maximum 5 points
  • Player Uniforms/appearance Maximum 5 points
  • Discipline/attitude of players Maximum 5 points
  • Maximum possible – 15 points

Montrose Football Club has won this prestigious award in 2019 - a deserved achievement of the parents, members, players and Montrose Community.

EFNL Award details