Training Attire

Please ensure that players are attired correctly for training. It can be difficult to get much out of training sessions if wearing loose fitting shoes, board shorts and button up shirt. Any attire similar to playing conditions is suitable for training. Mouth guards should be worn at all times and football boots should be included with player’s training gear in case the grounds are wet.

Game Day Uniform

The club provides all their players with jumpers at the beginning of the season, which are to be returned at the end of the season to the Team Manager. Parents / players  are responsible for the jumper during this period, including the cost of replacement if it is not returned suitable for use the following season.

Shorts and socks bearing the EFNL logo are compulsory with non-competitive teams requiring only blue shorts and competitive teams requiring both blue (home) and white (away) shorts. The club faces hefty EFNL fines for any player or game official not wearing correct uniform items on match days. Generic shorts & socks cannot be worn.

Players will be required to provide their own:

  • Mouthguard (Compulsory for Training and Matches)
  • Playing Shorts  – available from the Club uniform shop
  • Playing Socks – available from the Club uniform shop
  • Football Boots
  • Head guard/ Helmet (Optional)


Mouthguards have a definite role in preventing injuries to the teeth and face and for this reason, they are compulsory at all levels of football. A cost effective mouldable mouthguard can be purchased from the club merchandise shop or your local chemist for typically between $10-$20, however as published by the AFL **as a position statement on the role mouthguards in Australian Football these ‘Boil and bite’ type mouthguards are not recommended for any level of play as they can dislodge during play and block the airway. Alternatively, a dentally fitted laminated mouthguards offer the best protection (which is recommended) can be made by your family dentist, as if offers the best protection. This cost may be subsidised under a private health insurance policy, but check with your insurer first. There is no definitive scientific evidence that mouthguards prevent concussion or other brain injuries in Australian Football


**As published by the AFL as a position statement on the role helmets in Australian Football there is no definitive scientific evidence that helmets prevent concussion or other brain injuries in Australian Football. There is some evidence that younger players who wear a helmet may change their playing style, and receive more head impacts as a result. Accordingly, helmets are not recommended for the prevention of concussion. Helmets may have a role in the protection of players on return to play following specific injuries, (eg. skull or face fractures)

** Ref: the AFL National Community Football Policy Handbook where a PDF of the full handbook is available.

Footy Boot Trading

Montrose Auskick offers Footy Boot Trading at the start of each season, which you are welcome to partake in.  All boots are checked to be in good, wearable condition for trading.

You can either trade one pair for another at no cost, or you can purchase a pair for $8. You may be lucky enough to find just the right size but you have to be quick!
Also keep an eye on out on the Montrose Auskick Facebook page.