Another day, another update and change on how the EFNL is planning on managing the end of the season, please see a basic summary as follows:
Non Competitive Teams
• August 29th will be the last date games are played regardless of when we resume so hopefully we can get at least one more game in.
Competitive Teams
• If games are played on either the 22nd or 29th August, all teams will play two more games as the league will extend to as late as the 5th September in the playoffs scenario previously communicated.
• Should games not resume by the 29th of August, a standalone Grand Final day for teams 1st & 2nd on the ladder will be the only games played on either the 5th or 12th of September.
Who knows who this will end up as we are at the mercy of restrictions being eased, however the EFNL are doing all they can to ensure there is an actual finish to the season, so let’s just keep hoping we are back as soon as possible.

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