“Happiness isn’t some elusive treasure we chase after. It’s a state of being we need to PRACTICE.” – Brian Johnson AC/DC

You heard him… Brian says you need to Practice being Happy – SO why not jump online NOW and secure your tickets to one of the biggest events this year at MFC!! ❤️ 💙

Although, Brian won’t be there, THUNDERSTRUCK will be and will bring all of your FAV AC/DC tracks to rock out too!! 🤘

Tickets are NOW ON SALE! Be Quick! You don’t want to miss this one!!!
It’s a long way to the top but it’s not that far to the Ken Dowling Pavilion.
It is going to be Rock or Bust on August 5th. We are getting ready for high voltage!!
For those about to rock, you know Money talks, so purchase your tickets 👇👇
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